Five reasons to choose effective staffing

A workforce management system could minimize your administration and scheduling time tremendously. Below we give you five reasons to choose SwedeTime for your workforce management.

Complete solution

SwedeTime offers a complete solution from planning to time reporting and salary details.

Adapted and scalable

The system is scalable and can be customized to your specific needs. Things you don’t use are hidden and of course also not part of your payment plan.

The right competence for the right assignment

SwedeTime offers several tools to make sure that the shifts are staffed with the right people. If a shift requires a specific competence, the system could either warn or block if your trying to book someone that doesn’t match.

Cloud based – available for everyone!

No installation needed. SwedeTime is available for everyone, at all times, on all computers, tablets and phones connected to the web.

The price

While choosing system for your scheduling, it’s important to look at what you get for the money. In our price list you can find out which package would fit your company’s needs.

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