About SwedeTime

Our history and purpose

For more than ten years, we have provided our cloud-based services and developed them continuously in close collaboration with our customers. Our systems can be used individually or together, and can also be integrated with other external systems. Ready-made solutions are available that can be activated as needed and whenever your organisation changes.

About the company

When the company was founded in 1999, we focused on developing an IT system for resource booking. The system grew rapidly, and in 2002 was branded SwedeTime – a system for scheduling staff. Since then, the system has seen further development and is today a complete system for scheduling, staffing and time reporting. In 2016, the company was divided into two separate businesses, SwedeTime AB and AR Internetplatsen AB. SwedeTime is focused on private enterprise, while Internetplatsen has optimized the system for the public sector. If you wish to learn more about AR Internetplatsen AB, click here.

Our mission

The mission of SwedeTime is to provide systems for scheduling and staffing in the private business sector. All functionality shall be developed with the end user in mind and the systems must be compatible with all devices. The systems shall be the fastest scheduling tools on the market. Functions are to be easy to understand and require as few steps as possible. To achieve this, the systems must follow these key words – Simplicity, consistency and in accordance with industry standards.

SwedeTime today

Today, SwedeTime is used for scheduling and resource planning in several industries. Our customers include both large and small organizations, and the number of users in each system varies from ten to several thousand. Every day, SwedeTime assists administrators and coordinators and helps their working days go more smoothly. On the other hand, there are permanent employees, hourly employees, temporary workers, consultants and others who log into the system to record hours worked and departures, and to register for unfilled shifts.



Swedetime-teamet på trappan

From Left: Ulf Appelgren, Ida Bidevind, Janne Egemalm, Per Appelgren   Photo: Göran Ekeberg

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